Applications for Permits

Requirements for Zoning Permits:


Must be One (1) foot off the property line and two (2) feet from an alley or sidewalk. Maximum fence height of Four (4) feet for front yard. Maximum fence height of six (6) feet for back yard.  If you have a corner lot please see § 27-1218 [Ord. 593, 4/8/1986] Visual Obstructions in the Code of Ordinances which can be accessed here.

Swimming Pools

1. A residential swimming pool, as hereinabove defined, must comply with the following requirements:

          A. It must be located at least 15 feet from any principal dwelling and at least 10 feet from any side or rear property line, and shall be locate no closer to the front lot line than the front of the principal dwelling. This provision shall not apply to pools in use on the date of passage of this Part.

          B. It must have a drainage connection to a storm sewer or open stream if available; if such connection is not available, pools must be drained in accordance with instructions from the Building Inspector.

          C. Pool Fencing

                         (1) The pool must be enclosed with a fence and self-locking gate, such fence and gate to be not less than four feet in height.

                         (2) This paragraph shall not require the fencing of an aboveground pool to which access is obtainable only by the use of a ladder attached to a platform at the top edge of the pool, provided that such  ladder shall be removed or shall be raised and locked in a raised position at all times when the pool is not in use.

Accessory Buildings/Sheds

The accessory building size allowed will depend on your lot size and the maximum impervious surface allowed for your zoning district.

If the accessory building is under 120 square feet, a zoning permit will be required. If it is over 120 square feet a building permit will be required.   An accessory building cannot be larger than 15 feet tall and must be at least four (4) feet off the property line. It must be located to the side or rear of the main structure.

Selling Your Home?

Contact the Borough’s Code Office at 610-932-2500 ext. 1307 to obtain a Use & Occupancy Permit which is required before settlement. This includes an inspection. The cost is $125.

Contact the Oxford Sewer Authority at 610-932-3493

Contact the Oxford Water Department at 610-932-2500 ext. 1305 to request a final water usage reading.

To pay for your permit online, please go to Please reference your permit number. If you do not have your permit number, please call the Codes Office at 610-932-2500 ext. 1307