Permits are $60.00 per month or less depending on the number of permits purchased and the length of time paid for. An average employee in the downtown working a 40 hour week and paying $1.00 per hour to park would pay $160.00 per month to park. The savings with the purchase of a permit would be, at a minimum, $100.00 per month bringing the cost of parking in the lot to .37 cents per hour.

Permits may be purchased in the Borough Hall 1 Octoraro Alley. 2 kiosks will be located in the 2nd Street lot and 1 kiosk will be located on Broad Street between the 2 lots. Permits are also valid for the paking garage. For more information please contact the Borough Office at 610-932-2500. 

  • Click here to visit the OMI webpage for further information about parking and the proposed parking garage.