Meters and Kiosks

Parking in the Borough owned parking lots requires using the kiosk to prepay for parking by the hour. The kiosks accept coins and credit cards for payment. When going to the kiosk to pay for parking remember your license plate number. Parking in the lot is Pay by Plate and no ticket will be issued for placement in the vehicle.

  • Meters and kiosks are enforced from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday in downtown Oxford.
  • Handicap parking spots still require meter to be paid.
  • The meters accept coins as well as credit card payments via Flowbird and the kiosks accept coins and credit card payments.
  • Download Flowbird app to put time on the kiosk without ever leaving your vehicle or work. Flowbird can send you an alert when you are reaching the end of your parking stay and allow you to add more time if necessary.
  • When using the kiosk first check for any tampering, like a skimmer, on the credit card reader. Pull lightly on the reader to be sure no skimmer is attached. Should you notice an issue please contact the Oxford Police Department at 610-998-0032. After hours please call 911 and an on-duty officer will be alerted.