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Welcome to Oxford!

We welcome and encourage new businesses in the Borough. Enclosed here is a brief guide to help you navigate becoming a business owner in Oxford. The process can be somewhat involved depending on the nature of your business and the extent of building improvements you need to make. Borough staff are available to introduce you to the process and answer questions along the way.

Getting Started
All businesses in Oxford must file a Commercial Use and Occupancy Application. If you are a potential landlord buying an investment property for residential or commercial rental, you are considered a business. The Use and Occupancy Application will help the Borough determine if your business type is a use already allowed (“by right”). If not, Conditional Use approval (if business type is allowed but with special conditions) or a hearing before the Borough’s Zoning Hearing Board (if business type is not currently allowed) will be required. This initial application will also define any structural changes you may need to make and if a building permit is required.

Since much depends on whether or not your business type is already a permitted use “by right,” we highly encourage you to contact our Codes & Zoning Office before purchasing a property or signing a lease.  We can walk you through the process. Rules and regulations may change over time; we ensure you have the most current information and requirements for your business. Our staff in the Codes and Zoning Office will process and review your application(s), all building plans and construction requests, and will issue the appropriate permits once all requirements are met. There will be inspections along the way. Depending on the nature of your business, inspections may include: use and occupancy; building inspection; annual inspections; and/or rental inspections. In some cases, new construction or a major project may require review by the Borough engineer. We offer and encourage a pre-application meeting with our staff to help you navigate Oxford’s approval process to help you understand the associated fees and timeline. In all cases, fees for review and approval only reimburse the Borough for the cost to deliver these services to you. You should be prepared to include these costs in your business plan and overhead.

Oxford Codes and Zoning Office:  or (610) 932-2500 x 1307

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Haven't Yet Found a Home for Your Business or Would You Like Some Help Settling In? 
Contact our business partners for an inventory of current leasable commercial space downtown and in other areas of the Borough or for help and support!

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