What You Need to Know: 2020 Census

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The 2020 United States Census will take place on April 1, 2020. By this date, households will receive an invitation via U.S. mail to participate in the Census. People can respond via the internet, phone, paper form, or in person.

Other important notes about the 2020 Census include:


Responses can be done online or by phone in 12 non-English languages

The 2020 Census includes nine questions; there is no question regarding citizenship status

If you do not answer all the questions, a Census worker may come to your house to collect missing information

The Census Bureau workers will have clear identification badges and will never ask for your Social Security number, money, donations, or bank and credit card numbers

The Census Bureau will never send an invitation to complete the Census by e-mail


For additional information about the 2020 Census, including a sample questionnaire, timeline, posters, social media resources, and frequently asked questions, click the link below.


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