Rover Community Transportation


Rover is Chester County's community transportation provider.  They recently unveiled a new website, offering the public easy access to helpful information on transportation options in Chester County.

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The County of Chester

Did you know……………….  
….if you are 65 or older you are eligible to participate in the Aging Shared Ride program? In Chester County, Rover is the authorized transportation for the Aging Shared Ride program. 
For essential rides the program is subsidized by the PA Department of Transportation and the Chester County Department of Aging Services, with a small portion of the fare paid by the rider.  
Currently, the rider’s portion of the fare is 75 cents each way.  All of the Para transit buses are accessible.  All rides must be scheduled in advance.  Essential rides include:  
  • Visits to the doctor or other medical appointments
  • Visits to family members who are residents in nursing facilities
  • Visits to the Social Security office
  • Visits to the Chester County Department of Aging, located in the Government Services Center
  • Attendance at Adult Day Centers
  • Attendance at Area Senior Centers
  • Visits to the grocery store
You cannot participate in the Aging Shared Ride Program if you are not registered.  Call Rover now to get registered, even if you have other means of transportation available to you.  You never know when you may need to go somewhere and your regular transportation is not available.   The toll free number for Rover is:  1-877-873-8415