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Received September 18, 2017

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- Officer Coverly
- Officer Weaver
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Date: 9.18.2017 4:00 p.m
I wanted to take a moment and recognize two officers on your department. Unfortunately there was an incident that involved some juveniles taking off with my daughters cell phone. I contacted the dispatch and shortly thereafter officers Weaver and Coverly arrived. Both officers were ammicable, informative and extremely helpful. Specifically, Officer Coverly performed exemplary in arriving to the facts of the incident, ensuring all parties were treated fairly and within the parameters of the law. Officer Coverly interviewed everyone who was involved and returned to my home, not once, but twice, to update us on his findings. I sincerely appreciate the professionalism and diligence both officers displayed.


I would like to thank Officer Coverly for taking me for a ride along Saturday night. His knowledge of the Borough with regards to keeping us safe is amazing. I really enjoyed the time and will be doing this again. I would also like to thanks Officer Bleiler, for her work that night also. They are a great team. I am very Proud to have such a good Police Dept.

Received 9/4/2017


The male parking enforcement officer Jim May came to my aid about two weeks ago. While walking up Market St, this officer had just finished his rounds and was headed back to 3rd St. I was carrying a rather heavy bag, my pocketbook, and a blind cane. He came to my rescue by offering to carry my bag as far as 3rd St. The contents of the bag included a donation a fresh bread and homemade jam to be used at the Oxford Senior Center as Bingo prizes. That is irrelevant, but the officer's act of kindness was not! He got me across 3rd to Locust St then proceeded to continue his work down Third. He didn't have to help me, but I was sure glad someone did! It must have been my lucky day or I looked pretty "needy", because as it turned out, a young lady that was jogging at that time, crossed Locust and carried my bag to the Senior Center. These were random acts of kindness that are displayed a lot in Oxford and often go unnoticed. I don't know the jogger, but I do know where the officer works. We need more people in the community to help others in need. It means so much, when someone helps another person when not asked. The help is coming from the heart. We don't need people in the community that "twist the tale" without knowing all the facts but prefer reporting people just to see them get in trouble. My thanks to the officer and yet unidentified jogger!!

Received on 9/7/17

I want to thank Officer Coverly for all the time and commitment he gave me while I did a ride a long with him.  His endless knowledge of the department was impressive and his willingness to allow me more time in the future are greatly appreciated.

Name: Lorraine Bell

Received on 9/7/17

Cpl Brown helps OMiI with 1st Friday every month, making sure steeets are closed, there are enough officers on duty.  Cpl Brown takes the time to visit the businesses when he is working and always has the time to stop and say hi when he sees you and ch CIA to make sure everything is ok.  He treats everyone fairs and has a great personality dealing with the public.  I would like to see him get some type of award/citation for his years of dedication and I would like to be present if this happens
Name: Betty Kramer