Notes of Thanks

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March 3, 2013: Thank you Officer Simril for taking care of my issue in a professional manner.
July 12, 2012: Thank you Mayor Henry for being out to support our town and the fire company this past week.  We were quite busy. - Matt Groseclose
July 8, 2012: Officer Coverly thanks for checking our children's car seats and making sure they were safe. Thank you for the time you spent with our son showing him the police car.  "He loved it."  We are very appreciative of all your efforts in the Bourough. - Tanya and Keith Welsh
March 2012: Officer Coverly receives praise.  Click Here to View
January 2011:  Anonymous note of the thanks to the OPD for your hard work was received via the website.
February 2011: Officer Coverly, thank you so much for coming out and  providing Penn's Grove with another layer of support.  I really appreciate your time, advice and committment.  The kids are great but they have so many personal challenges.  You understand that and you are doing evertything you can for the the kids. - L.S. Penn's Grove
January, 2010:  Notes of praise and thanks were received on behalf of Chief Slauch and Officer Coverly
May 26, 2009: Mayor Henry, congratulations again to your officers recognized at last week’s EMS awards banquet. I am sorry that I could not catch up with you that evening to personally thank you. Our job as paramedics are a lot easier because of your officers’ quick response and life saving actions on these cardiac arrest calls. However, that is not to minimize how valuable they are on all the other, maybe not so critical calls providing early response, assistance with equipment, lifting and crowd control. Your officers and department are a key component to the EMS system which has an impact on the safety and well-being of the citizens and visitors to the Borough every day. Thank you and congratulations again.   Robert A. Hotchkiss Jr NREMT-PChief Executive OfficerSouthern Chester County EMS, Inc.P.O. Box 8012 West Grove, PA 19390
April 30, 2009: I would like to thank both Officer Coverly and Officer Whisler for their help Tuesday night when my husband needed medical attention.
Name :Jennifer Gatley
Oxford Memorial Day 2007: To the Oxford Police Department,
Thank you for keeping our Oxford Community a safe and wonderful community for raising our families.  Happy Memorial Day.
The Cascarelli Family of Brookside
January 2, 2007: Mayor Henry, just wanted you to know what a great job Officer Coverly did in arresting the gang that sprayed painted the house and van of a senior citizen in my neighborhood. He had them under arrest just hours after we reported the information to him. We appreciate his concern and quick action. 
Herb & Phyllis Tester 
October 5, 2006:
Dear Chief of Police, I am writing this letter to you to express my appreciation for the manner in which your department does business. Last Saturday night, my wife and I had dinner at Peppercorn’s Restaurant. Normally we park right in front of the restaurant but had to park about a block away on Third St. When we left Peppercorn’s it was dark and we proceeded to walk back to our car. We bumped into one of your officers patrolling on a bicycle. He said good evening to us and watched us walk to our car even though we never asked. We felt so comfortable walking that night we even window shopped a little. In today’s reality of tight budgets and trying to get the most out of our workforce, it was really comforting to have an officer be so accessible. I compliment you and your staff for such innovating thinking. 
Sincere thanks, A resident of Northeast Maryland
Dear Geoff, I want to let you know how much I appreciated your dedication to the town of Oxford and the Lighthouse Youth Center. I appreciate you stopping by our annual Christmas party as well as the officers that patrol Third Street from 4 - 9 p.m. and the two officers that stopped in at 7:30 p.m. tonight. This had a huge impact for our Christmas party. As no adults were standing outside our building, Outback building or the Penn Fuel building trying to sell drugs to the children. All the children enjoyed receiving their Christmas gifts from us. Thanks for helping me make an unforgettable night as well as a positive experience in the Oxford children's lifes. 
Have a great day!