Message from the Chief

The men and women of the Borough of Oxford Police Department are committed to the concept of "community and service based policing".  Community Policing is a collaborative effort between the police department and community that identifies problems of crime and disorder and involves all elements of the community in the search for solutions to these problems.  It involves the police working in partnership with the community and the community thereby participating in its own policing, with the two working together toward the common goal of creating and sustaining a safe place in which to live, work and enjoy all that Oxford has to offer.

We are a service oriented agency standing ready to respond efficiently and effectively to the needs of our Community.  Our officers are trained in all facets of law enforcement and policing with our level of experience ranging from 1 year to 32 years.  We are committed to a proactive approach to policing and strive to be less dependent on the more traditional reactive approach or response after the fact.  To that end, we will be visible in your neighborhood and on the Streets of our Business District.  We will work diligently, utilizing all resources available to us to solve crimes, arrest those who perpetrate those crimes, and to identify and find solutions for those "quality of life" issues that over time, if not appropriately addressed, create an atmosphere conducive to increased crime and neighborhood decay.
The Borough of Oxford Police Department is your Police Department.  Your involvement and cooperation is crucial to our success and effectiveness.  We encourage you to report illegal or suspicious activity.  We want you to tell us about loitering, gangs of kids creating disturbances or intimidating passersby, loud music, graffiti, and abandoned vehicles and houses.  We need to know about unsafe conditions, traffic related problems and concerns, and safety issues involving children.  We cannot help you unless you are willing to help us.
Please feel free to email your comments or concerns to mailto:
Be safe,
Chief John F. Slauch