Officer Compliments

Received March 22, 2016

Mayor Henry,
Just a note of THANKS for allowing Officer Coverly to come to our dance school for his presentation of Bullying and Making Good Choices.
There were 40 dancers & parents that attended and all walked away with a lot more knowledge on how to handle situations and just about the world we live in.
It was obvious that Officer Coverly is so dedicated and wants to make a impact on as many people both young and old so that the world is a better place.
I have high hopes that we can have Officer Coverly back again to speak with the younger dancers and their parents.
Dina :) Gazzerro-Kinney
Oxford Center for Dance, Inc.

Dear Chief Slauch,

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you and the Oxford Borough Police Department.  I would like to pass along that Officer Coverly conducted an assembly on Friday, October 18th as part of our Red Ribbon Week.  He was very professional in his delivery and addressed the topics of bullying and making the right decisions.   He provided students with the tools that are necessary to make the right choices.  The students obviously have great respect and admiration for Officer Coverly and the Oxford Borough Police Department. 


Officer Coverly and Officer Bleiler joined us today for our safety drills.  They were able to assist us throughout the three drills we conducted.  The lockdown included a staff member who acted as an intruder.  We had a central call station along with video cameras.  Officer Coverly and Officer Bleiler were able to communicate as if it were a 911 call.  Following the drills, both officers met with key staff members to provide feedback.  It provides great assurance as an administrator to know that our local police department is truly there if we need anything including: drills, career day, walk-throughs of the building, emergency situations, etc…


Again thank you to the department and we appreciate all that you do for our students!



Nicole N. Addis



Hopewell Elementary School




I would like to thank Officer Coverly for taking me for a ride along Saturday night. His knowledge of the Borough with regards to keeping us safe is amazing. I really enjoyed the time and will be doing this again. I would also like to thanks Officer Bleiler, for her work that night also. They are a great team. I am very Proud to have such a good Police Dept.