Office of Mayor

The prime responsibility of the Mayor is to direct the police department.  The Borough code authorizes the mayor to preserve order, enforce ordinances and resolutions, remove nuisances, exact a faithful performance of the officers appointed, and perform such duties as assigned by law or ordinance.  In preserving order, he or she directs the activities of the police department. The mayor's responsibility for  ordinance enforcement is  limited only to the power of directing the police.  There are no provisions in the Borough Code authorizing the mayor to direct other  borough employees  except the police.  Mayors in Pennsylvania may declare a local disaster subject to approval by Borough Council and may declare a state of emergency in situations involving mobs or riots.  An often-overlooked duty of the mayor is the ability to conduct marriages, administer oaths and  affirmations in matters relating to borough affairs.  Community leadership is an area where the mayor often serves a leading role in promoting community projects both in the public and private sectors.  The legislative powers of the mayor are limited to conducting council reorganization meetings every two years, attending regular and special meetings of borough council and executive sessions of council held under the Sunshine Act.  The mayor may participate in council discussions.  Mayors may also veto ordinances. The mayor is required to make a monthly report to council relating to police activities and periodically updates council on the state of the borough.  Mayors have not been able to vote in council since 1893.  The only exception is the power to break ties to enable council to take action or request a special meeting of council be held to resolve the matter.

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Geoffrey L. Henry, Mayor
Dr. Guy T. Holcombe, Burgess  
John H. Ware III, Burgess 1956
(Title changes to Mayor) 1961
Lewis B. Cauffman    1962
John I. Watson   1966
Francis L. Maule  1970
John W. Roberts 1975
Paul E. Andriole 1982
W. Donald Pierce 1990 -1993
Harold Gray 1994 - 2005
Geoffrey L. Henry 2006 - 2017


Community Events with the Mayor: