Spring Clean Up 2018




April 18 through April 21, 2018 from 7 am until 3 pm

Location: 450 W. Locust St. Oxford PA 19363

Public works staff will be on hand to direct participants and assist with unloading.

Scrap metal will be accepted.

Appliances will be accepted.

Used oil will be accepted.

Yard waste and brush will be accepted but residents are reminded to place sticks and bagged yard waste curbside for weekly pick up.

Tires will be accepted with payment as follows:

Car and light truck tires: $ 3.00

Truck tires: $10.00

Tractor tires: $1 per inch  

Electronics will be accepted with payment. Please see the fees listed below. 

Empty paint cans will be accepted if the lid is removed and all contents are dry.

No hazardous materials of any kind will be accepted.

No liquids of any kind will be accepted.

The Borough’s recycling trailer will be available during the event for all recyclable materials.

This event is for Oxford Borough residents only and proof of residency is required.

All payments for items requiring a fee for disposal will be CASH only.

All items will be disposed of at the discretion of public works staff.

Any item or load may be refused at any time.

Please remember, this event is a public service not a requirement….



Tires Prices:    Car and Light Truck Tires                    $   3.00

                          Large Truck Tires                                  $ 10.00

                          Tractor Tires                                          $ 1 per Inch                                                                                     

Used oil:       Accepted free of Charge.                                                                           

Appliances:  Accepted free of Charge.

Batteries:       Accepted free of Charge

Electronics:  Servers                                                       $15.00

   Typical Rack Mounted Equipment                        $7.00

                          CPU  (Desk top Computer)                        $7.50

                           Laptop                                                       $5.00

                           Desktop Fax                                              $5.00

                           Large Fax                                                  $8.00

                           Desktop Printer                                        $5.00

                           Large Printer                                            $10.00

                           CRT Monitor/TV up to 20”                       $10.00          

                           CRT Monitor/TV over to 20”                    $15.00

   LCD Monitor/TV up to 24”                    $8.50

   LCD Monitor/TV over 24” – 50”           $15.00

   TV’s over 51”                                       $25-35.00

   Typewriter                                            $5.00

   Overhead Projector                              $8.00

   Key Boards                                           $3.00 


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